We have been the proud supplier of all the wallcoverings in @our_montreux_home since they started. In this blog post we will be showing you a close up of each room we have transformed and how!

The Ultimate Designer Bedroom

@our_montreux_home bedroom featuring our stunning Brian Yates Mica Wallpaper MCA9108

For the main bedroom in @our_montreux_home Natalie wanted something completely unique that was going to really stand out in their room, as it is a large bedroom. We helped her look through options and suggested a designer wallcovering such as the Brian Yates Mica range would be perfect. Mica by Brian Yates is a stunning compilation of natural, fabric backed wallcoverings created from tiny mica shells which shine effortlessly when the light hits. We thought this was the perfect choice for their bedroom because the mica has glitter to shine and makes a bold statement across the large wall. The Mica we chose is MCA9108 which is a stripe design in charcoal, we hung this horizontally to create this completely unique look. Mica is sold by the metre and requires a specialist adhesive to hang as it is a special product. We think this is the perfect choice for this room as it works so well with their dark interior theme and creates the ultimate glam room!

Call us on 01924379992 and quote ‘MONTREUX’ for free specialist adhesive over 10 metres!

Here in this close up photo you can see the light reflecting on the mica pieces and the glitter to create a shimmering effect! Shop the look here

The Livingroom

Our next room to design was the living room, Natalie wanted to keep with the dark interior theme and wanted a wallpaper which would compliment the charcoal sofa and TV Units. After looking through options in both designer and high street wallpapers we decided on the Piccolo wallpaper in Black. Piccolo is the perfect addition for a dark interior as it is a black, small geometric print with inflictions of glitter to reflect and draw some light into the room. Natalie added lights either end to brighten the area, and the TV centred to make a statement wall.

Piccolo in Black works really well in @our_montreux_home living room as it is a large space which can carry a dark design and not make the room feel small. If you are working with a small space we recommend a lighter wallcovering with metallic to draw light to the area to appear brighter.

The Downstairs Snug

Harlequin Makulu Wallpaper 111584 currently 20% off on our website!

For the downstairs snug in @our_montreux_home they wanted something more adventurous and colourful, as it is a room that gets lots of light, and the room Natalie spends her morning getting ready so we wanted something uplifting. We looked at several options and decided on a designer wallpaper by Harlequin called Makalu. Makalu is an abstract chevron design with graduating lines in colour and pearlescent white. This is the perfect choice for this area as it looks glamorous and makes a real statement!

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The Kitchen

For the kitchen @our_montreux_home wanted something modern and metallic, as this wall is right next to double doors so would draw lots of light in and reflect the metallic part of the wallpaper. We stock hundreds of high shine, metallic designs on our high street website and so we picked from there. Natalie loved the Cross Hatch by Muriva which is a stunning metallic texture with a crossover pattern, this wallpaper is also very affordable at £26.99!

Natalie finished this area with a feature light and mirror to further lighten the area, creating a clean, modern area in the kitchen. If you are looking to create a contemporary, bright area in your kitchen we would suggest looking at our metallic designs to draw light into the area.

Evie’s Bedroom

@Our_Montreux_home wanted to give their eldest daughter her first ‘grown up’ room, so they wanted to pick something that is still girly, but has a more mature feel to it. We looked through lots of children’s designs and decided a pink texture would be a great mix of both girly and more grown up than a design.

our pink industrial wallpaper

We decided on the pink industrial effect wallpaper as it is a stunning industrial effect glitter, in a traditional girly pink with hints of glitter to add extra sparkle! We hung this on two opposite walls in her bedroom, as this product is paste the wall it was very easy to hang, and the pattern has no match so there was minimal wastage too! Natalie finished Evie’s room with a glamorous bed from @theluxurybedcompany and a beautiful dressing table area for Evie to get ready for school in the morning!

If you are looking for a grown up room for your child we would recommend steering away from patterns they may grow out of quickly and look at our range of glitters and textures which will last right through teens as well!

The Hallway

For the hallway Natalie wanted something understated, but with texture and sparkle to add a feature to the long wall as you enter their home. As this is a high traffic area we needed to look at something durable and hard wearing that still had a modern sparkle to it, we chose Silver Devore.

As this is a long hallway with not as much natural light as the rest of the house, Silver Devore was the perfect choice as it is a lovely, light texture with added sparkle with glitter inflictions which will capture the light and reflect to make the hallway appear bigger.

To add light going up the stairs, @our_montreux_home selected a silver sparkling paper which glistens with the light making the area appear lighter. This wallpaper also adds a glamorous feel.

The Downstairs WC

@Our_Montreux_home have an amazing spacious home, including really generous sized bathrooms and WC’s! This downstairs WC is a long room which we felt needed something to break up the walls and create a feature. We thought as their isn’t a window in this space a foil metallic would be great for picking up extra light and making it appear even bigger. We selected the honeycomb tile effect as a tile is perfect for a WC and it is an incredibly high shine product

The Guest Room

The final room we helped @our_montreux_home create was their guest room! Natalie wanted something modern that would give a cosy feel to the room for their guests, we chose our Copper Quartz Geometric as it has gorgeous, soft rose gold lines and a glittery textured background. Copper Quartz Geometric is a warm toned paper which helps to create a cosy feel to their guest room, and it is incredibly affordable at only £14.99!

Here is a close up of the stunning glitter and metallic detailing in the copper quartz geometric paper!

We hope you have enjoyed reading about how we helped @our_montreux_home create their absolute stunning home. make sure you give them a follow on their Instagram to see more of their amazing rooms!

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